Many people are curious to know how to break into the field.

Pass the real estate licensing exam, if required in your state.

But even in states where licensure is optional, extra education is never a bad thing. The Board also enforces Fair Housing Law in cases involving real estate licensees and their employees.

To go into property management, you’ll need to get a Virginia real estate license.

This license is separate and distinct from the individual broker license required of each partner, associate, manager of a limited liability company, and officer of a corporation who is active in the firm's brokerage business.

1-2103. Regulation of real estate education providers and courses. Exam fee is $60.

Jul 21, 2022 · To succeed in this role, you'll need strong communication, management and organizational skills.

d. While licensing may be required, many entry-level property managers work under a supervisor, and licensing is not required. Yes.

§ 54. Education requirements; reactivation of licenses; waiver.



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. Sep 11, 2013 · Local building permit applications require inclusion of the contractor’s license obligations.




Any person, partnership, association, corporation, entity, or their regular employees, who as owner or lessor perform any of the acts enumerated in §§ 54. District of Columbia: Property Management RequirementsProperty Management License:. That’s a relatively new and evolving field.

§ 54. What happens if your clients are okay with the fact that you don't have ANY license?. . The first state to require a separate license or certificate to manage an HOA or condo association was – you guessed it –. It's easy to find out if a property management company is licensed in.

Licenses required.

However in the state of Virginia there are several steps to attaining a license. 1.


Regulation of real estate education providers and courses.

20 hours for life; accident and sickness; property; casualty; personal lines.

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Reasonable knowledge and understanding of the general principles and responsibilities relating to.