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This is usually a sign he’s attracted to you. 6.

He follows you on social media and likes/ comments on most of your posts.

He shares intimate stories about himself.

He wants you to feel loved and cherished in your relationship. . .

May 5, 2020 · Watch The Video: 16 Signs He Thinks About You A Lot More Than You Know.

. She’s thinking about you, maybe getting ready to ask. He wants to know what drives you, what formed you and your challenges and triumphs.

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. He Makes You Feel Loved and Appreciated.

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If he makes it a point to show appreciation, either through words or actions, it’s a clear sign he sees you as special.

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He wants you to meet his friends, his family members and especially, his parents. . He’s fascinated by your religious and spiritual beliefs, or lack of them, and he often asks. Whether it’s dancing, shopping, or traveling, he’ll do these things even if he doesn’t like them. May 18, 2023 · And he can’t imagine ghosting you, ever. He’s not playing on his phone, distracted, replying to messages, having a convo with other people.

When you’re not a priority and he’s not serious about you, he’s not going to feel too bad about keeping you at the bottom of the list.

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Moving On From Him.

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